Rise from the Ashes...


legend of the phoenix

From the Ashes came a New Beginning

In the Garden of good and evil, beneath the tree of knowledge, a Phoenix bird was born. His flight fast as lightening, his song ravishing and happy, his life full of hope, goodness and dreams for the future. But out of jealousy, darkness threw fire at the bird, laughing as the Phoenix was engulfed in flame. But what darkness could not foresee was the strength inside the Phoenix to Rise from the Ashes to a

New Beginning

The Phoenix flutters all around us in people like you and me, swift as light, beauteous in color, charming in song, and although may falter, finds the courage and strength to rise again. 

You Too Can Rise Again

Phoenix Counseling Centers are here to support you in your journey!


Mission Statement

To promote the quality of life and emotional well being of the citizens in Cleveland, Gaston, and Lincoln counties. Our daily mission shall be to advocate, encourage, and exemplify the barrier-free delivery of responsive, innovative community-based behavioral health treatment services in an environment of dignity and respect for all consumers, their families, community stakeholders, and employees.

Meet our Management Team

Becky Jones - becky@phoenixcc.us
Clinical Services Officer

Georgeina Koontz - georgeina@phoenixcc.us
Clinical Manager Shelby Outpatient

Saundra Crego - saundra.crego@phoenixcc.us
Gaylain's House Residential Supervisor

Kristen Litvak - kristen@phoenixcc.us
Clinical Manager Gastonia Outpatient

Jerry Utt - jerry@phoenixcc.us
Crisis Services Director

Jennifer Adams - jennifer.adams@phoenixcc.us
Quality Management

Kim Costner - costner@phoenixcc.us
HIM Coordinator

Dana Teague - dana@phoenixcc.us
IT Manager

Gayle Mahl - gayle@phoenixcc.us
Crisis/Guardianship Services Officer

Denise Whitener - denise.whitener@phoenixcc.us
Human Resources Director

Tom Gray - tom.gray@phoenixcc.us
Marketing Director

Carolina Abello - carolina.abello@phoenixcc.us
Clinical Manager Lincolnton Outpatient

Crystal Kirkland - crystal@phoenixcc.us
Gaston Crisis/Detox Program Manager

Glenda Dubetsky - glenda@phoenixcc.us
Site Manager Lincolnton Outpatient

Beth Brown - beth.brown@phoenixcc.us
Chief Operations Officer

Celine Villax - celine.villax@phoenixcc.us
Chief Financial Officer

Denise Oliver - denise@phoenixcc.us
Business Officer

Kevin Oliver - kevin@phoenixcc.us